Captains’ Weekly Newsletter #20




The 20th Captains’ Weekly Newsletter is HERE! The Newsletter collects together all the general things you should remember, as well as information about events organized by PT, CHEM, and other organizers. Additionally, there is information about Fuksi Points and upcoming possibilities to collect them. There’s a lot to read through, but we recommend looking through the newsletter carefully. You can also find relevant information on Telegram via Captains’ Channel and PT’s Information Channel, as well as PT’s own weekly newsletter.


Remember to apply for PT’s membership here if you haven’t yet. Also, remember to join the PT Fuksis 2022 and Captains’ Channel  -Telegram groups.




-        Be a part of organizing Cavitation!

-        Join a Fuksi Jäynä team!

-        Museum tours!

-        The Singing tests will be starting soon, you can book yours wednesday!

-        Frosty Frolic is coming on 28.2.!

-        Workpoint opportunities in Hot Grinding!

-        Go chill and talk deep with the professors at the Prof Coffee Break on 6.3.




I         Common things to remember

  1. Get your PT’s membership
  2. PT’s weekly newsletter for members
  3. PT’s Telegram-group and information channel
  4. PT x TiK x SIK Regular Sport sessions
  5. CHEMeleons games are starting!
  6. Candy and Student counseling!
  7. Remember to order your Teekkari cap!
  8. The Singing tests!
  9. Museum tours
  10. Cavitation group chat
  11. Fuksi Jäynä

II        Events arranged by PT and CHEM

  1. Frosty Frolic 28.2.
  2. WORKPOINT: Hot Grinding 3.3.
  3. Coffee break with professors 6.3.

III       Other events

  1. Laskiaisrieha 21.2.
  2. Utopiakiima 9.3. *fuksi party*
  3. Betonibileet 25.3. *fuksi party*

IV       Fuksi Points

  1. Compulsory points
  2. Voluntary points

V        Greetings



I        Common things to remember


1.     Get your PT’s membership


If you didn’t pay the membership fee for Prosessiteekkarit, you can fill the membership application here. The payment information will be sent to your email address.


2.     PT’s weekly newsletter for members

You can join the PT mailing list at This mailing list is used to inform members about upcoming events and other current affairs. A weekly bulletin is sent to the list every Monday, and by reading it actively you will be aware of the current student activities of the association and the rest of Otaniemi.


3.     PT’s Telegram-group and information channel

Do you want to follow and participate in discussions regarding all PT members? Do you want to hear the ideas and thoughts of students from other classes as well? To do this, there is #PT, a common Telegram group to all PT members.

You can join the General Discussion Group #PT on Telegram from this link. The group is for both formal information and informal discussion. Please read the group rules when you join the chat.

In addition, PT has its own one-way information channel on Telegram, which works with the same principle as Captains’ Inform. It’s used for informing about events and condensing the weekly newsletter for all members.
You can follow the information channel here.

4.     PT x TiK x SIK Regular Sport Sessions

Pack your indoor shoes and head to the ball sports hall of Otahalli every thursday at 21-22! There you will be able to play ball games with TiK, SIK, and other PT members. The sport will change every week.


5.     CHEMeleons Games!

Interested in playing futsal or basketball, or maybe both? If your answer is yes, don't hesitate to join our official sports team CHEMeleons! The games are for all CHEM students, don't require previous experience and on top of that it's all free.

All games are played at Otahalli. Futsal will be played on mondays or tuesdays @21-23 and basketball on thursdays @16-18.

Information about the games will be posted in the official CHEMeleons telegram group:

So what are you waiting for? Grab you shoes and come to play! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

  1. Candy and Student counseling!

Enjoy a free treat in the middle of your studies!

Not only can you enjoy tasty treats, you can also get to know the student counselor and get support in planning your studies to make them more enjoyable! Come, discover and enjoy!


WHAT? Candy and help

WHERE? At the Student Advising Point, in the main lobby of Kemma

WHERE? Starting on 14.2 💝, until there are no more sweets left (so be fast!)

PS. see opening hours here

  1. Remember to order your Teekkari Cap!

If you haven’t already, order your Teekkari cap immediately if you want one! After February you will not be able to do so.

Even if you think you won't be able to get all the required points from the Fuksi Point card, the cap will be given to you sometime after the possible Wappu.

  1. The Singing tests!

Soon it will be time to test your singing! Actually the test will be about singing some important sitz songs together and answering some easy questions. As you already know, a teekkari sings with pleasure, but not necessarily well, so don’t worry! Sign up for the tests starts THIS WEDNESDAY 22.2. at 12! Sing up sheet will be posted on Captains’ Inform!

Before the test you will have to do some preliminary assignments, that will be released at the same time as the link for the sign up!

  1. Museum tours

The long awaited museum tours are here! Book your own HERE!

  1. Cavitation group chat

If you want to participate in organizing Cavitation, PT fuksis’ own party, join the group chat HERE!

  1. Fuksi Jäynä

If you already haven’t, join a Jäynä group HERE, and start planning your Jäynä! More info on the Jäynä in the pdf-file shared to Captains’ Inform.


II       Events arranged by PT and CHEM


  1. Frosty Frolic 28.2.


Dashing through the snow…⛄️


Come enjoy the Frosty Frolic together with fuksis from Sähköinsinöörikilta at Alvari square on 28.2.2023! The frosty frolic will start at 16.30 and the afterparty will be held at Rantsu starting from 19.00. There will be two fuksipoints available from the event! Please pay attention to the weather when dressing! The registration opens on PT’s ilmomasiina on 14.2. at 12.00 and closes on 24.2.



What? Frosty Frolic

Where? Alvari square at 16.30, afterparty at Rantsu at 19.00 onwards

When? 28.2.

Why? Whether there is snow or not, frolics are neat!


  1. WORKPOINT: Hot Grinding 3.3.


Book yourself a work shift HERE!


  1. Coffee break with professors


The time has come for the spring coffee break with professors! So, join us in the School of Chemical Engineering’s entrance hall on Monday 6.3. at 4 pm sharp to enjoy some coffee with our professors. You get to freely converse about things that worry you, such as majors in your bachelor of master studies, summer jobs etc. This is a great opportunity to talk about your feelings and to impact teaching in our school!



WHAT? Coffee break with professors

WHERE? School of Chemical Engineering’s entrance hall

WHEN? Mon 6.3. @ 4 pm

WHY? Studying is better when you know the professors!




III     Other events


1.     Laskiaisrieha, 21.2.


🛷⚡️IT'S GO TIME!⚡️🛷


Forget the worries and doubts of exam week and let your life plummet downhill with style, because the legendary Laskiaisrieha ( takes over Kaivopuisto tomorrow on the 21st of February starting at 12.00!! Come along and experience how student life fills the entire park with activities, music and laughter, not to mention the main event, the ABB Academic Downhill Competition!!


This year, you fuksis have constructed your very own, absolutely earthshatteringly amazing vehicle for the race, and you're sure to win!! Come and join the crowds to cheer our team to victory! The Downhill Competition starts with a bang at 13:00!


Our beloved association PT will also be participating in the event, and you can find the familiar faces by making your way to our bright green tent! There will be warm juice and overall patches available to increase your ever-growing collection! The association's very own gliders will also be available for members to coast downhill all day!


Just attending this event awards you a whopping ✨TWO✨ fuksi points!


2.     Utopiakiima 9.3.


✨🦋🌞UTOPIAKIIMA ‘23 🌞🦋✨


The darkness of winter recedes and the glistening sun of utopia shines on your face. Architecture Guild's students are inviting YOU to experience the dawn of an unprecedented new era! ✨ Blurring the boundaries of reality, the most ecstatic event of the year - UTOPIAKIIMA - will take you to another dimension. 🦋


What does your utopia look like? 🧚🏻 Throw on the cloak of your wildest dreams, dress up your deepest dreams and set your sights on vernal Smökki. 🌼 The most magnificent outfits will be rewarded with utopian prizes. 💫 There will be a fantastic programme and mind-blowing performances. So stay tuned!



WHEN? 9.3 ✨

WHERE? IN SMÖKKI (Jämeräntaival 4) 🌞



Join the event's telegram group here:


3.     Betonibileet 25.3.


🪩BETONIBILEET IS BACK🪩 March 25th is coming up so mark your calendars because you don't want to miss this one!🗓 It's going to be a night with live-performances and DJ🎤 Get ready to dance the night away with amazing music, great vibes, and an unforgettable atmosphere🕺💃


Follow our Telegram and Instagram @betonibileet for further information!👀




WHAT? 🪩 Betonibileet (Party for EVERYONE  by TF phuxes)

WHEN? 🪩 Saturday 25.3 at 9 PM ->

DC? 🪩 Coming soon…👀

WHERE? 🪩 Teknologföreningen, Otakaari 22

TICKETS? 🪩 From Kide app, more info coming later!



IV    Fuksi Points


Here’s a reminder about the compulsory fuksi points in order to get your teekkari cap and chances to get them. Here are listed some elective points and notifications. Explanations for all the fuksi points will be available on our website here!



1.     Compulsory points

10 Credits: Earned by gathering 10 credits during the academic year. Piece of cake!

The Great Work Point: Earned by working a 6 hour work shift at a big event, primarily PT’s or other CHEM Guild’s annual ball. HOT GRINDING 3.3.!

Association meeting: Earned by attending one association meeting.

Museum visit: A guided tour of the Museum of Student Life! Reserve your own NOW!

Song exam: A relaxed singing session with TuNa, times will be bookable on wednesday!

CapChat: CapChats are now over, if you missed yours message TuNa immediately!

Fuksi Jäynä: Join a group and get Jäynäing!


2.     Voluntary points

CanCan: By participating and performing with CanCan, you can earn up to three fuksi points!

Fuksi Patch: By sewing the Fuksi patch on your overalls gives you a Fuksi point!

Sports Point: By attending the weekly PT x TIK regular sport sessions can earn you up to three points in the fuksi point card!

Old guild point: Participating in events held by the older CHEM-guilds gets you a point! (One per guild :3)

Coffee Break at pHuone: You can get a point from participating in three PauseTimes! You can also get one by hanging out at pHuone!

Fuksi Party: By participating in the Fuksi Party organised by other guilds you can earn up to two points.

Laskiaisrieha: By attending the laskiaisrieha (wether your sledding or not) you can earn two fuksi points!

Cavitation: You can get points for attending, organizing and being a responsible in Cavitation!




V      Greetings


Anna: How is it possible that I tane two weeks off this year and I get sick on both of them? Downhill skiing was plenty of fun, despite all the snow (or lack thereof) seemed to snow here while I was gone. Luckily I can throw myself into work again and organise the Song Exams… I can’t wait to hear the sweet sounds of your singing <3 Take a note from the fish



Eetu: Hi! I no longer know what season it is, but don’t care either, because this weather is PERFECT for Laskiainen! It’s also exam week, which is kind of a bummer, but fortunately I only have one exam, on Tuesday, so my suffering will be ending quite quickly.


Weekly picture of Nugget:




With love,