Captains’ Weekly Newsletter #29




The end is near, it’s The 29th Captains’ Weekly Newsletter already! The Newsletter collects together all the general things you should remember, as well as information about events organized by PT, CHEM, and other organizers. Additionally, there is information about Fuksi Points and upcoming possibilities to collect them. There’s a lot to read through, but we recommend looking through the newsletter carefully. You can also find relevant information on Telegram via Captains’ Channel and PT’s Information Channel, as well as PT’s own weekly newsletter.


Remember to apply for PT’s membership here if you haven’t yet. Also, remember to join the PT Fuksis 2022 and Captains’ Channel  -Telegram groups.



-         Breakfast before getting the caps on 30th of April!



I         Common things to remember

  1. Get your PT’s membership
  2. PT’s weekly newsletter for members
  3. PT’s Telegram-group and information channel
  4. PT x TiK x SIK Regular Sport sessions
  5. CHEMeleons games!
  6. Vote for a SuperISO!

II        Events arranged by PT and CHEM


  1. Fuksis’ Wappubreakfast 30.4.



  1. Fuksi Speksis 29.4.
  2. Night Shift 29.4

III       Other events

  1. Dipolin Wappu 30.4.
  2. Aalto Open Air, ÄpyGala, Jäynä Final

IV       Fuksi Points

  1. Compulsory points
  2. Voluntary points

V        Greetings



I        Common things to remember


1.     Get your PT’s membership


If you didn’t pay the membership fee for Prosessiteekkarit, you can fill the membership application here. The payment information will be sent to your email address.


2.     PT’s weekly newsletter for members

You can join the PT mailing list at This mailing list is used to inform members about upcoming events and other current affairs. A weekly bulletin is sent to the list every Monday, and by reading it actively you will be aware of the current student activities of the association and the rest of Otaniemi.


3.     PT’s Telegram-group and information channel

Do you want to follow and participate in discussions regarding all PT members? Do you want to hear the ideas and thoughts of students from other classes as well? To do this, there is #PT, a common Telegram group to all PT members.

You can join the General Discussion Group #PT on Telegram from this link. The group is for both formal information and informal discussion. Please read the group rules when you join the chat.

In addition, PT has its own one-way information channel on Telegram, which works with the same principle as Captains’ Inform. It’s used for informing about events and condensing the weekly newsletter for all members. You can follow the information channel

4.     PT x TiK x SIK Regular Sport Sessions

Pack your indoor shoes and head to the ball sports hall of Otahalli every thursday at 21-22! There you will be able to play ball games with TiK, SIK, and other PT members. The sport will change every week.

5.     CHEMeleons Games!

Interested in playing futsal or basketball, or maybe both? If your answer is yes, don't hesitate to join our official sports team CHEMeleons! The games are for all CHEM students, don't require previous experience and on top of that it's all free.

All games are played at Otahalli. Futsal will be played on mondays or tuesdays @21-23 and basketball on thursdays @16-18.

Information about the games will be posted in the official CHEMeleons telegram group:

So what are you waiting for? Grab you shoes and come to play! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

  1. Vote for a SuperISO!

It's time to thank ISOs for their work and award the greatest of them! Via this form you can vote for ISOs, who'd deserve the superISO title, or an honorary mention. You can also vote for a fuksi group who'd deserve a special thanks.


The form is open until Tuesday 25.4 (you need to sign in to answer)!



II       Events arranged by PT and CHEM


  1. Fuksis’ Wappubreakfast 30.4. *MANDATORY*


A Wappubreakfast for fuksis will be in OK20 at 06:00!


If you want the Teekkari Cap in the ceremony on Wappu Eve, this breakfast is mandatory, and it’s important to be there on time!


Arrival to the Cap distribution ceremony will be done as a group from the breakfast!




  1. Fuksi Speksis 29.4.


Fuksi Speksis are speksis made by fuksis, join the fun, or come watch others perform!


  1. Night Shift 29.4.


An overnight adventure on Wappu eve’s eve!



III     Other events

Here you can find all kinds of events help during Wappu!


1.     Dipolin Wappu 30.4.


It's finally here,


🎟️Freshman TICKET SALES start on Wednesday 12.4. at 12 am!🎟️


Whoop Whoop, it looks like the new teekkaris will get their caps this year too!


A separate ticket quota has been arranged for fuksis on There are only a limited number of tickets available, so be quick⚡️Each buyer's freshman status will be checked before tickets can be redeemed and it's also important to remember that reselling tickets for profit is prohibited. Reselling without intention of profit is allowed.


The ticket will be redeemed during the actual ticket sales (more detailed information on this will be provided later). The ticket includes an entry bracelet and a Dipoli Wappu overall patch.


It's possible to buy 1 ticket per customer


Link to




IV    Fuksi Points


Here’s a reminder about the compulsory fuksi points in order to get your teekkari cap and chances to get them. Here are listed some elective points and notifications. Explanations for all the fuksi points will be available on our website here!




1.     Compulsory points

10 Credits: Earned by gathering 10 credits during the academic year. Piece of cake!

The Great Work Point: If you haven’t done this point yet, let TuNa know ASAP!

Association meeting: If you missed the Association meeting, go to a PT board meeting in pHuone QUICK (next meeting: 17.4. 8am)!

Museum visit: A guided tour of the Museum of Student Life! Reserve your own NOW!

Song exam: A singing session with TuNa.

CapChat: CapChats are now over, if you missed yours message TuNa immediately!

Fuksi Jäynä: If you missed this, message TuNa, we’ll see if theres something we can do.


2.     Voluntary points

CanCan: By participating and performing with CanCan, you can earn up to three fuksi points!

Fuksi Patch: By sewing the Fuksi patch on your overalls gives you a Fuksi point!

Sports Point: By attending the weekly PT x TIK regular sport sessions can earn you up to three points in the fuksi point card!

Old guild point: Participating in events held by the older CHEM-guilds gets you a point! (One per guild :3)

Coffee Break at pHuone: You can get a point from participating in three PauseTimes! You can also get one by hanging out at pHuone!



V      Greetings


Anna: This is surprisingly hard :,) I can’t believe this is our last week?? The entire week behind us and it still somehow feels like this isn’t enough? It’s been unbelievably lovely to read through all your point cards and see all the things you’ve gotten up to this year <3 Even if it hurts that in a week (!!?!!) you’ll all have your tassled caps and the Teekkari Name in your pocket, i’m so grateful for this year and everything we’ve been through this year. Running into you guys is (and will be) the highlights of my Wappu Week!! Keep it up ;) BECAUSE






Eetu: I can’t believe it. The last week until Wappu. I’ve had so much fun over the last year with you guys, and now there’s only six days left until you get your caps. Hopefully this awesome weather doesn’t change and we get a beatiful, sunny Wappu. Even if it starts raining, it will still be Wappu tho, so it’s gonna be great! Thank you all for this year long adventure, hope to see you all soon!


Weekly picture of Nugget:



With love,