1)            Workshop ”Jahorina Spring Break”           20.-27.3.2012.

Sarajevo, Bosnia ja Hertsegovina              DL 16.2.2012

LC East Sarajevo


IT-alan esityksiä Jahorina-Olympiavuoren kupeessa. Hyvä hotellimajoitus kauniilla näköaloilla.

Serbikulttuuri <3


2)            Workshop ”Network Society 2.0”             22.-29.4.2012.

Madrid, Espanja                                               DL 15.3.2012

LC Madrid


Verkostoituminen ja globaalius liiketoiminnassa, omassa elämässä ja muualla.

Madridin kuumat yöt..


Suorat menopaluu-lentoliput molempiin kohteisiin noin 200e. Tarkemmat tapahtumakuvaukset linkkeineen alla. Kaikki muu tarpeellinen tulee EESTEC-hengessä järjestävältä taholta: Majoitus, laatuseura, ruoka, iltaohjelma..




1)          Workshop ”Jahorina Spring Break”



Hello dear EESTEC-ers, after 2 years LC East Sarajevo is back! We are proud to present you "Jahorina Spring Break", unforgettable event that will take place from 20th to 27th of March 2012.
Academic part will be held on Jahorina (our Olympic mountain), where International Scientific Symposium - Infoteh 2012 will take place. You will have opportunity to listen lectures from the experts, scientists, engineers, researchers and students that deal with information technologies. We provided hotel accommodation for our participants, transport to Infoteh and back.

Nonacademic part will be quite hedonistic and relaxed, but full of various activities, such as swimming, bowling…or just lazy sitting in pub and drinking beer/coffee/juice/rakija/whatever…
We will also visit Orlovaca cave and beautiful well of Bosna river. Sightseeing and visiting city landmarks are also part of the program. During these 7 days you will taste our traditional food and drinks. We will organize traditional Serbian night with our live music, and people dressed in traditional Serbian clothes.

And at the end, thing that you are waiting the most…….YES! Parties will be every night on various places!

As you could see, this is a life time opportunity. Millions of people would kill for it, so don’t hesitate to apply! :)

See you in East Sarajevo!



2)          Workshop ”Network Society 2.0”




In our workshop we will analyse and treat the presence of networks and communications in every aspect of our lives. Nowadays people is more connected than ever, and a big part of our communication takes part in the so-called "social networks". Most of us have smartphones in our pockets, and couldn't think of living without being permanently connected. Furthermore, networks are also present in every other aspect of society, such as health-care, commerce and learning. We can truly speak of a "Society of the networks", the "Network society". For that reason, we have prepared several lectures carried out by different companies just to show you their cutting-edge projects and visits to laboratories and research centres to see exactly how they work.

But that's not all!! We have also prepared for you non-academical activities. You will have the opportunity to explore every secret place of Madrid during the City Rally, to taste Spanish food and drinks (I know all of you like Sangría) and feel its atmosphere during day, but specially during night!

At the end, during the weekend, organizers and participants will stay in the countryside. What we will do there is...a surprise! ;)








Ukko Liukkonen

EESTEC LC Helsinki