Kevät-terveiset kaikille!

Alla EESTECin paikallistoimikuntien kattojärjestön, EESTEC Internationalin, huhtikuun toimintaraportti. Tapahtumien lisäksi  EESTEC tarjoaa myös paljon muuta mielenkiintoista puuhaa. Mikäli toiminta kansainvälisessä organisaatiossa kiinnostaa, ota yhteyttä paikalliseen boardiimme!

EESTEC toivottaa onnea ja menestystä tenttiviikolle ja kesätöihin! :)


Monthly report-April

Dear EESTECers,

Nearly one month working as a Board is behind us. These days we are spending in beautiful city of Budapest having Handover Board Meeting. Special thanks goes to LC Budapest for providing us food and accommodation for HoBOM.

This month International Board sent calls for Team Coordinators and Board assistants. We would like to thank to all EESTECers who applied as our Board assistants as well to ones who expressed desire to take responsible task of leading one of the International teams. Challenging and hard-working year is in front of us, but if we keep the spirit high we can definitely reach success.

We would like, also to encourage you to apply as LC for next ECM OC, since the call was sent to CP list we expect to receive applications from all interested LCs.

Truly yours,
Nedim, Milica, Emilia, Caba and Barata

Every person from International Board:

Chairman - Nedim Hadzic:
Treasurer - Milica Blagojevic:

VC-EA - Emilia Buhaev:

VC-IA - Caba Kovac:
VC-PA- João Barata:

On behlaf of International Board,

Nedim Hadzic
EESTEC International Chairman

mail: board[at]eestec[dot]net
mail2: chairman[at]eestec[dot]net
skype: nedimhadzic2

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