Monthly report-May


Dear EESTECers,
As summer is approaching, we are all making some amazing plans, some of which include travelling to other LCs participating in events :)

Last month was the first that Board worked together and got our first results! Most significant event for the month was Handover Board Meeting (HOBOM) in Athens during their workshop. We had an amazing time in Athens and we had the chance to develop our annual plans as a Board. In the meantime, talking with participants of the workshop and attending all great things that organisers prepared was a big motivation for us :). We would like to send our biggest thanks to LC Athens for their invaluable help to hold this essential meeting.

Therefore, upcoming month is going to be when that all plans will start developing. We will start working in many different things with several teams and bodies and of course include each and every EESTEC member, especially through EESTEC forum in

Summing up, this was an introduction month. Assessing the work and team spirit developed during this month, we can promise you one thing: This year is going to be AMAZING for whole EESTEC and will bring EESTEC to a new level :)

Till next month, enjoy your time and summer! Have fun :)

Int. Board

Every person from International Board:


Chairman - Grigoris Chrysos:

Treasurer - Catalina Stoica:

VC-EA - J. Fernando Sánchez Rada:

VC-IA - Merve Salihoğlu:

VC-PA- Mihai Chirita:

On behalf of International Board,
Grigoris Chrysos
EESTEC International Chairman
mail: board[at]eestec[dot]net
mail2: chairman[at]eestec[dot]net
skype: grigoriosgc

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