Ja taas tapahtumia piisaa...

1)    Workshop "Risky business"     19.5.-26.5.
      Zagreb, Kroatia               DL 15.4.
      LC Zagreb

Riskienhallintaa ja kroaattikulttuuria parhaimmillaan. Tämä workshop lupaa tyydyttää kaikenlaisen nälän!

2)     Workshop "Smart energy for a better world"     8.7.-15.7.
       Krakova, Puola                                 DL 15.5.
       LC Krakow

Sukella energian, sähkön ja automaation maailmaan ja lähde vierailulle yhteen maailman edistyneimmistä ABB:n tutkimuskeskuksista. Tämä workshop on teoriapainotteisempi(mm. CV vaaditaan hakiessa), mutta reissuun mahtuu tietenkin myös huvittelua EESTEC tyyliin hulppeassa Krakovassa.

Suurin kustannus tulee olemaan meno-paluulentolippu xxx euroa, kaikki muu suurempi tulee järjestäjiltä EESTEC-henkisesti. Tarkemmat tapahtumakuvaukset linkkeineen alta.

1)         Workshop "Risky business"

Dear EESTECers,

If you have never been to Zagreb, shame on you! You must have heard that our events are just awesome and here is another one to prove that is true! ;)

The opportunity to apply for our event and come to Zagreb is finally here. Just in case you need more convincing to come (even though I doubt it), read the rest of our invitation!

This year's theme will be "Risky business" and as you can guess from the name, the event is based on learning about risk management. You will have several very interesting classes held by professors from our faculty and visiting lecturers. But that is not all! If you apply now, you will get a set of knives free of charge! What?? No, you won’t. You will get classes consisted of case studies and the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge on practical examples. That’s more useful than a set of knives! :)

OK, if you haven't heard about wonderful Croatian nature you are really missing a lot! Google it and look at the pictures...[5 minutes later] You must be interested now! ;) We will show you some beautiful sights and that is not all, 'cause you also get to experience the Croatian culture and not to mention our awesome food and drinks!

2)         Workshop "Smart energy for a better world"

LC Krakow is organizing a workshop entitled "Smart energy for a better world' in cooperation with ABB Corporate Research Centre which will be held in Krakow from 8th till 15th of July 2012. This study tour is dedicated to students, who want to learn about modern solutions in the field of energy, automation and electrical science. The event will be a unique opportunity to visit one of the most advanced ABB Research Centers in the world.

All students from European Universities are invited to join us at the ABB Corporate Research Center situated in Krakow, one of Poland's most renown cities. This event will be a great occasion to meet experts on energy, electrical sciences and to visit Poland's well-known tourist attractions.
Apart from educational part of the event, you will have also a chance to see Krakow, the center of cultural and artistic life and one of the biggest cities in Poland.

There are also a laser tag’s competition, football game, barbecue, unforgettable parties every night planned and many others activities to keep you busy for the whole week, but we do not want to reveal all of the attractions now. You have to come to Krakow and see for yourself ;)



Sofia Krogerus
Contact Person
Eestec LC Helsinki