LC Zagreb
Workshop:Modern Telecomunications: Linking people everywhere!”.
Date: 14th - 22nd May 2011
Deadline to apply is 20th April 2011
Number of participants:  20 
Application at: eestec.net  *no motivational letter required!
For contact:


Dear EESTECers, 
as you all must already know, we make awesome events (if you haven't heard, just ask anybody who's been to Zagreb!), and we know you have been waiting to apply to our next one ;) Well, the opportunity to come to Zagreb is finally here, and if you haven't yet decided are you coming, read the rest of our invitation!
This year's theme will be "Modern Telecomunications: Linking people everywhere!" or as we like to call it "Kinky Linky" :P You will have several very interesting classes held by young professors from our telecommunications department, and some insight on how it looks like in reality, from a real company, so even the academic part will be fun!
What else we've got you're wondering? OK, if you haven't heard about wonderful Croatian nature you are really missing a lot! Google it and look at the pictures...[5 minutes later]You must be interested now ;) We will show you some beautiful sights on our field trips and that is not all, 'cause you also get to experience the Croatian culture and not to mention our awesome food and drinks! 
You will definitely not leave hungry or thirsty, but you will be eager to come back to taste Croatia again :) 
You're asking yourselves what about the real memorable having fun part which everyone forgets because of too much alcohol? 
Now that's our strongest card, so don't come tired or wanting to rest, we are not going to allow that,
you ARE going to party every day and it IS going to be  legen...dary ;) Word. 
It doesn't matter where we take you, we will make your time here unforgettable, so come and meet us, 
it will be a great spring week for you, we guarantee it!!
Start packing, we are waiting for you, and remember, wine is fine but whiskey is quicker!
LC Zagreb :)