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The summer is fast approaching and EESTEC is full of new and exciting events! Check out all of them in the Newsletter and hopefully you can find the perfect one for you! Who knows, maybe even more than one :)

Enjoy the Newsletter and of course the summer sun!:)

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Newsletter May 2011

Board Talk

Shiny EESTECers,

A new era has just began for EESTEC with the election of a new Int. Board. We are just returning from a great HoBOM (Handover Board Meeting), where we had amazing moments with participants of LC Athens’ workshop. At the same time, we devoted many productive hours working on following up activities of the previous Board (which we thank for their work and devotion to EESTEC development) as well as for developing new plans that will lead EESTEC to the future!

We had the chance during this month to speak with LC representatives and especially with participants in Athens’ workshop and define expectations and fresh ideas in the future. Then we evaluated all of them during HoBOM while we were enjoying ourselves on a Greek island!   

Keep smiling and let the summer sun shine upon you! :)

International Board


Congratulations and best of luck for the new board of LC East Sarajevo, LC Istanbul, LC Ankara, LC Novi Sad, LC Rijeka and JLC Lille

Past events

'Power Island' - LC Famagusta

Dates: 1st May - 8th May 2011

LC Famagusta’s 3rd workshop was about power and participants had the chance to see the main power source of the island, Teknecik Thermal Power Plant. Other than lectures, participants visited the university’s technology center, Technopark, and tried out new developments such as 3D laser printers and robotix. Of course, unforgettable parties and historical visits (e.g. Salamis Ruins, Kyrenia Castle and Famagusta Walled City) were an important part of the event.

Feel the energy 2 - LC Skopje

Dates: 1st May - 8th May 2011

LC Skopje arranged a mix of experts to teach participants about renewable energy sources. We lightened up the Skopje nightlife with our EESTEC spirit and high motivation! Participants recharged their batteries with a visit to Ohrid during the weekend, exploring the old city, taking a tour of the most gorgeous and peaceful city in Macedonia and taking a boat trip to St. Naum’s Monastery.

Dr. med. Nano - LC Munich

Dates: 07th May - 15th May 2011

It was not only the combination of Nano technology and medical engineering lectures that made this workshop a "must-be-there" event, but also the beautiful city of Munich, visits to a "Beer-Fest" (Octoberfest like), perfect weather and great parties. Last but not least, the most awesome participants made this event definitely unforgettable.

WiE - Women in Engineering - LC Munich

Dates: 07th May - 15th May 2011

After a great success in 2010, LC “Awesome” again organized their famous "Women in Engineering" workshop. 15 EESTEC girls learned about the difficulties and barriers for women in engineering jobs, women's networks as well as job- and life- planning. They also had the chance to visit a "Beer-Fest", Munich’s clubs and sights. All that concluded with the IMW, one of the biggest EESTEC events this year, in the mountains of Austria.

IMW 2011 - LC Munich

Dates: 13th May - 15th May 2011

What made this one of the biggest EESTEC events this year? 100 participants, a charming mountain view, two excellent parties, crazy people, great trainings and over 20 LCs present! For all EESTECers who did not participate, you definitely missed something unforgettable!

Modern Telecommunications: Linking people everywhere! - LC Zagreb

Dates: 14th May - 22nd May 2011

LC Zagreb decided to link everybody with a new hot topic: rapid growth of telecommunications. Apart from lectures, participants experienced beautiful Zagreb during some beautiful, sunny days, with walks and a barbecue in one of the parks. The various field trips offered a chance to get to know Croatia’s beautiful north (baroque city Varaždin and castle Trakošćan), and it’s serene sunny seaside (Istria peninsula).

Indexing, Optimization And Marketing from Web 2.0 to Social Networks - LC Cosenza

Dates: 16th May - 23rd May 2011

The topics discussed during the event taught participants how to get the most out of their time spent on the internet. Furthermore, amazing moments were spent in Cosenza, Praia a Mare, Santa Maria del Cedro and Camigliatello on Sila mountains. Participants participated in exciting activities, like Q-Zar challenges, and parties in night clubs, all mixed with EESTEC spirit and the wish to make dear friends.

Dreamers Become Winners - LC Athens

Dates: 21st May - 29th May 2011

After two successful events (Congress + Summer exchange), LC Athens continued their tradition with a really fantastic workshop about entrepreneurship. Lectures were held byexperienced teachers and some start up companies.  Last but not least, we spent 2 days on a Greek island called Agistri - 2 days full of craziness and relaxing on the beach!

Future events

Computer Integrated Surgery (CIS) workshop - LC Budapest

Dates: 17th June - 24th June 2011

If you want to participate in the most medtech workshop in the history of EESTEC, get prepared now! Submit your scientific abstract following the guidelines in the form and send it with your application! Participants will have to present their field of research or studies relevant to CIS. Selection will be made based on scientific merit and geographic variety. More details here: http://eestec.hu/cis/CIS_call.pdf

When night meets day - LC Riga

Dates: 22nd June - 26th June 2011

EESTECers are invited to join and celebrate with LC Riga the biggest festival in Latvia! By applying to “When

night meets day” you can experience a traditional Latvian midsummer festival. Participants will learn about the Latvian culture through sightseeing, enjoying the cuisine, seeing the nightlife and admiring city in the evening.

Rijeka Summer Exchange 2011 - LC Rijeka

Dates: 19th July - 25th July 2011

Just like every year, LC Rijeka guarantees a lot of fun, sunny days and beautiful beaches. Among other things, they have also organized an attractive trip, cruises with tourist boats in the Kvarner bay, a visit to Opatija, one of the most beautiful cities on the north coast of the Adriatic Sea, and many other surprises.

IPTV - The Next Generation TV - LC Tuzla
Dates: 15th July - 22nd July

There is hardly a person who doesn’t like to watch TV, and even if they don’t, LC Tuzla will have everyone loving TV after their brand new workshop! Apart from interesting lectures on Live TV, Video on Demand (VOD), Interactive TV (iTV) and more interesting TV related subjects, you will visit Europe’s only salt lake (in the middle of the city!), enjoy in Bosnia’s delicious food and drinks, go rafting, experience paintball... what more do you need?

Let the Penguin IN! - LC Banja Luka

Dates: 23rd July - 29th July

LC Banja Luka has gone all out, and prepared an amazing event that every participant will surely remember for a long time! Not only have they prepared interesting lectures about virtualisation and hands-on labs on GNU/Linux distribution, they’ve decided to do it while their city is full of activities: Banja Luka is host to DebCon11, the International Debian Conference, and it is also host to the 4th Demofest festival! Never heard of it? Imagine how good it is if 438 bands applied, and only 30 got accepted! Not to forget, the beautiful Banja Luka on the beautiful Vrbas!

eMovie Academy - LC Sarajevo

Dates: 22nd July - 29th July 2011

After the enormous success of eMovie Academy last year, LC Sarajevo had to organize this event again!

Participants will have the chance to make a small movie about Sarajevo, and at the same time will enjoy Sarajevo. This is also the week when Sarajevo never sleeps, because it is the time of the Sarajevo Film Festival! An amazing atmosphere takes hold of the city, something that can only be felt, so make sure you are in Sarajevo this July!

IT-Sprint - LC Tampere

Dates: 23rd July - 30th July 2011

Participants that are already familiar with Plone and want to learn how to use Plone in an enthusiastic environment, are invited to this workshop. The event will take place in Tampere and in a cottage near Tampere. Participants will attend some introductory lectures about Plone, and later on they are expected to get their hands dirty coding and developing features in Plone.  The relaxing part is offered by the Finnish cottage life with sauna and lakes.

Don't Hate it, Just Do it!! - JLC Izmir

Dates: 5th September - 11th September 2011

JLC Izmir are proud to announce their first Workshop," Don't hate it, Just do it!!". During the event participants will learn what is a dipole antenna and how is it built. There will also be sessions about microwave and electromagnetism. As fun parts, JLC Izmir prepared boat trips to beautiful bays and islands, visits to ancient Ephesus city and to Sirince village (the village of wines) and many other surprises.

Interesting Facts About...


Izmir is a large metropolis in western Anatolia and the capital of the Izmir Province. It is Turkey's third most
populous city and the country's second-largest port city after Istanbul.
The city hosts an international arts festival during June and July, and the Izmir International Fair, one of the city's many fair and exhibition events , is held in the beginning of September every year. İzmir hosted the Mediterranean Games in 1971 and the Universiade in 2005. Modern İzmir is also close to the nearby ancient cities of Ephesus, Pergamon, Sardis and Klozemenai , and centers of international tourism such as Kuşadası, Çeşme, Mordoğan and Foça. Did you know, that:
-The symbol  of İzmir  is the Clock Tower.  The clock  was given as a gift by the German Kaiser Wilhelm II, a political ally of Abdülhamid II;
-The llyad and the Odyssey were written by Homer, in Izmir;
-The castle of Izmir was built by Alexander the Great;
-The biggest squares of the city are called Lausanne and Montreux which are two Swiss cities where Turkey
signed the treaty of independance;
-The swimming shopping center "Konak Pier" was designed by Gustave Eiffel.

During our workshop which will be held on 5th -11th September 2011 you can discover beauties of Izmir. You are always welcome to the beautiful city Izmir!






Computer Integrated Surgery (CIS) workshop

LC Budapest

17/06/11 - 24/06/11


When night meets day

LC Riga

22/06/11 - 26/06/11


Rijeka Summer Exchange 2011 LC Rijeka 19/07/11 - 25/07/11 15/06/11
eMovie Academy LC Sarajevo 22/07/11 - 29/07/11 15/06/11
IT-Sprint LC Tampere 23/07/11 - 30/07/11 12/06/11
Don't Hate it, Just Do it!! JLC Izmir 05/09/11 - 11/09/11 18/07/11
IPTV - The Next Generation TV LC Tuzla 15/07/11 - 22/07/11 19/06/11
Let the Penguin IN! LC Banja Luka 23/07/11 - 29/07/11 23/06/11

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