So, for all of you EESTECers out there that want to make a good living with web development: here is a list of *life-changing* people you will be able to personally meet at Plone Sauna Sprint in Tampere. People you will be able to contact anytime later in your life when you will be at a point in your career when good contacts count most:

Wyn Williams, Finland

Originally from the UK, he co-owns Devaus Oy (sponsor!), a company specializing in extreme networking solutions. Setting up a stable conference network for 500 geeks or building wifi networks for military troops on the battlefield, this guy can provide. If you are into networks you'll get endless hours of good material out of him. BTW, he will personally make sure we have good internet connection in the sauna.

Florian Friesdorf, Germany

A former EESTEC International Board member he is now a Python/Plone freelancer. He's got tons of experience with Gentoo, LDAP and Python in general. If you like the freelancing way of life, he's the guy to talk to.

Martijn Pieters, Norway

Martijn is a veteran Zope developer with a long (10+ years) history in web applications, and a background at companies like Zope Corporation and Pareto (yes, he has written parts of Zope itself). The amount of web development knowledge he has is just amazing. He's also a member of the Plone 5 framework team, a small team of web gurus deciding how Plone should move forward in the future. Check out the environment he works in:

Mikko Ohtamma, Finland

Author of Plone Developer Manual, this year's Plone Help Channel Superstar, co-owner of mFabrik (sponsor!). His specialties are mobile sites, usability, mobile applications, Python, Plone, video streaming and social networking. After sponsoring last year's Sauna Sprint he hired one of the participants immediately after the event.

Domen Kozar, Slovenia

Still a student, but already a valued Python and Plone developer. Loves Gentoo. And networking. And basically anything related. Also knows Pylons and Django.

Robert Nidereiter, Austria

Owner of Squarewave Computing, part of the Blue Dinamics Alliance. He worked on big projects like He has a deep understanding of how to make web applications fast and effective.

Kai Lautaportti, Finland

Chief Technology Officer at HexagonIT (sponsor!) a leading Plone solutions provider in Helsinki. Came from a start-up background so he knows a lot about different exciting technologies. After sponsoring last year's Sauna Sprint he hired two participants who still do consulting work for HexagonIT.

Nejc Zupan, Slovenia

Co-owns NiteoWeb Ltd., a Slovenian company specializing in Plone services. Also co-founded a "web of trust"-like startup a few years ago which recently got a solid 6-digit investment. He can go on and on about entrepreneurship and having maximum fun while working. Still an LC Ljubljana member, albeit not so active any more.

Joni Orponen, Finland

Recently moved from archaic Unix systems and Fortran gigs to Python and Plone. Don't get him started on Unix/Linux quirks, you're good until the morning. Currently works in the gaming industry. A former LC Helsinki member.

Last year, 3 IT Team members got hired shortly after Sauna Sprint by it's sponsors. Be one of them this year!

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