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From: Pekka Makela <pekka.3.makela@tut.fi>
Date: Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 8:08 PM
Subject: [CP] LC Tampere - Academic Kyykka World Championships Exchange
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I'd like to add some more information to the original invitation letter, please give them to your members:

New deadline for applications: 18.1.2010

Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=405943400437&ref=ts

Cheap flying to Tampere:
You can also try out something to Helsinki and then a train/bus to Tampere (25eur and approx. 2h)

Pekka Mäkelä
+358 50 3014 789

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Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 12:35:00 +0200 (EET)
From: Pekka Makela <pekka.3.makela@tut.fi>
To: cp@eestec.net
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Subject: LC Tampere - Academic Kyykka World Championships Exchange

My dear colleagues, please forward the following invitation to your LCs' members.


Organizer: LC Tampere (Finland)
Event: Academic Kyykka World Championships
When: from February 9 to February 14
Number of Places: 8 EESTECers
Deadline to Apply: January 31
Email to Contact: eestec@listmail.tut.fi
Application form:
More info: http://www.kyykka.fi/international.shtml


Hi there! LC Tampere is eager to have some EESTECers to join the fun with us in the Academic Kyykka World Championships. Kyykka is a very old Finnish game, where players try to outplay their opponents with tactics, power, accuracy - and pure luck. The World Championships is a not-so-serious competition where students from all over Finland gather and enjoy the game and especially the atmosphere around it. There will be more than 3000 players in total. Players can e.g. even try to gain more points by bribing the judge. ;) After the games there will be an official Kyykka-party downtown Tampere where winners get their rewards and a front line Finnish band (this year Don Johnson Big Band) performs.

Of course you get to know the Tampere University of Technology and the city of Tampere. Tampere's population is 200 000 with 35 000 of that students - a heaven for student life! If you're interested and want more information or want to reserve a place, contact our CP (pekka.3.makela@tut.fi) by Sunday 31st. We hope that the participants would be here by noon on the February 9.

Kyykka @ Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_skittles
Academic Kyykka World Championships: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6cTF4x8V_s
Don Johnson Big Band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kefLFlv6-VI

Hope to see yor members here,
Pekka Mäkelä, CP of LC Tampere

Pekka Mäkelä
+358 50 3014 789

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