Dear Aalto Party people,


It was great to see so many activities yesterday at Alvar Aallon puisto, you really made the party alive! 

Thank you for your games, saunas, performances, good feeling, your time and effort! One can easily say you made the variety of clubs, associations, and hobbies at Aalto visible.

Good job everyone!


Below you can find instructions regarding the reimbursement for your Aalto Party arrangements.

Please note:

> maximum 50 € reimbursement

> send your invoice / claim latest 22.10.2023
> reimbursement can either be paid as an invoice or to your personal bank account. Please see the instructions below.


1. Instructions for an invoice

If your association is a registered association, you should be able to send an invoice. Here are some notes for it:

> Recipient of the invoice: Aalto University 

> The mandatory reference is U90805-Peltoniemi

> Add clear description on what the money was spent on

> The name of your association / guild must be clearly stated

> Please scan the receipts and attach them as an PDF 


Information for electronic invoicing system:

Business ID (VAT): FI22283574 (Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö)
EDI code (e-invoicing address): 003722283574
Online invoicing operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
Operator EDI code: E204503


Or if you are not able to send an electronic invoice, please send a paper version to this address:


PL 96081 

01051 LASKUT 


2. Compensation for a personal account

Will be done via NEO management system. Please read more here how to create a payment profile if you haven’t done it yet. If you have problems or questions about the management system, please contact

Please fill in this information:

> Mandatory reference: 962327-U90805

> Title of your invoice: AaltoParty2023 / the name of your association/guild/club

> Additional information: The name of your association/guild/club and
"University is supporting the student associations for their participation to Aalto Party for opening of the academic year with max 50 € / guild or association. Project number and cost center: 962327-U90805"

> Reason for the expense line: detailed description of what has been bought and why

> Please scan the receipts and attach them with your claim


If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Olethan yhteydessä, jos sinulla on tarkentavia kysymyksiä

Hör av dig om du har frågor.


Have a great start of the academic year and take care!


Kind regards on behalf of the whole Aalto Party team,






Tarja Peltoniemi

Sr. Producer

Aalto University

Communications services



Dipoli, Otakaari 24, Espoo



PO Box 18000

00076 Aalto


Tel. +358 50 53 23 817